About Valrhona


More than 90 years serving culinary professionals

Maison Valrhona
The Source of Fine Chocolate

French chocolate maker Valrhona has been supplying the finest chefs and artisans since 1922.

Founded by a pastry chef for pastry chefs, Valrhona devotes its savoir-faire to gourmet food experiences, giving professionals an exceptional chocolate to use.For more than 90 years, artisans and restaurateurs from
around the world have looked to Tain l’Hermitage to procure the unique chocolates that are essential for the success of their creations.

Chosen by the world’s finest master pastry chefs and chocolatiers for the rich aromatic palette of its chocolate, which is constantly enhanced by further innovations, Valrhona strives to promote gastronomic fulfilment.

Attentive to dialogue and ethics, Valrhona builds long-term co-development relationships with farmers and leading chef

Valrhona today: from expertise to experience

Sensory analysis

Sensory analysis is a new science: a tool that uses the five senses (sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste) to describe, characterise and control all the organoleptic properties of products.
This is why Valrhona has decided to make this science a core business value, shared and applied by everyone to achieve constant flavour control. 

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Innovation and creation

Research and innovation have been Valrhona’s driving forces for many years.

Pioneers with many trade products and through its creations, Valrhona has helped people to discover the subtle yet distinctive flavours of chocolate.

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Creative pastry craft

Valrhona’s world-renowned expertise is inseparable from the École du Grand Chocolat, founded in 1989 by Frédéric Bau.
For more than 20 years, this school has been inventing, archiving and curating all knowledge to do with the chocolate-related trades (pastry, chocolate, confectionery and cookery).

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The source of our cocoas

Valrhona assists the finest culinary professionals (chocolatiers, ice cream makers, pastry chefs, bakers and restaurant chefs) through products and services specially designed to let them highlight their talent and distinctiveness.

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